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Cost of Lasik Eye Surgery in California

Lasik Surgery Cost
Normally the cost of LASIK eye surgery depends not only on the procedure or the physician but mostly on the eye itself. Prices for surgery are normally dictated by eye quotes. The cost of LASIK is equivalent to one eye, despite having both eyes treated at the same time. A physician will extend a quote before surgery.

This price is only for one eye and one procedure, so the quote will then be doubled to total surgery for both eyes. Charges may also increase if newer equipment is used, like the wavefront procedure that allows more specific correction. Bladeless LASIK and all-laser procedures may also increase surgery costs. Bladeless procedures use laser treatment to perform surgery instead of creating the necessary eye flap with a razor or diamond-shaped scalpel.

Cost Averages
Laser eye surgery, specifically LASIK eye surgery, has decreased in cost in the past several years. However this cost can increase as newer procedures are invented. In the first half of the year 2010 average LASIK eye surgery costs for all-laser procedures was twenty-one hundred fifty dollars. This price is then doubled to forty-three hundred to treat both eyes.

In early 2010 the average cost for LASIK eye surgery that was not customized and included using blade instruments -- microkeratome -- and excimer laser performances was fifteen hundred eighty dollars. These procedures are then doubled to thirty-one hundred sixty dollars for both eyes to be treated. This kind of surgery does not include wavefront guidance. The average cost in 2010 for LASIK eye surgery that uses wavefront guidance was twenty-one hundred seventy dollars. This procedure uses a laser to create the necessary eye flap. The price for this surgery is then doubled to treat both eyes and reaches forty-three hundred forty dollars.

Surgery prices can vary extremely. Physicians warn against discount prices and extreme promises, such as "Only five hundred dollars per eye." In these advertisements only a few are eligible and these prices do not include specific correction or follow-up appointments. The price for laser eye surgery can also be determined by the economic state of the country.

In recent years the price for LASIK surgery did not decrease but also did not increase as the economy fluctuated. One observation noted that in the past two years the number of laser eye surgery procedures performed decreased by forty-five percent. Many individuals who would have otherwise opted for laser eye surgery instead chose to use contact lenses or eyeglasses, as they were more cost-efficient for the circumstances.

Cost Ranges
Depending on the physician, laser eye surgery cost can range from quite high to quite low. In recent years some physicians charged as little as one thousand dollars per eye. These same physicians later increased their prices when the economy changed.

Prices can range, for the same procedure, thousands of dollars in either direction. For example a wavefront-guided procedure with customized performance can range from fifteen hundred dollars per eye to three thousand dollars per eye. These prices also include creating the eye flap with a laser.