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California Acne Laser Skin Resurfacing

With a quick glance in the mirror we can see exactly what's going on with our skin. If there is any puffiness, blemishes or fine lines they are easily detected. What's not easily detected is everything that is going on deep down in your skin cells to cause these trouble spots in the first place.

Fortunately, there is a very "sci-fi" type of solution for a wide range of skin problems and that is laser treatment. An experienced dermatologist will be able to determine the best type of acne laser skin resurfacing procedure to treat your blemish problem. Acne laser skin resurfacing is fast, effective and safe. You'll also be able to see amazing results with another quick glance in the mirror!

What is Acne?
Simple question with a simple answer: acne is a skin blemish that is no fun for anybody. To understand the best way to treat acne, you'll need a little acne 411. Acne is triggered when the sebaceous glands go into hyper-drive. We need sebaceous glands to secrete natural oils otherwise we'd all look like mummies. The sebaceous glands work when the hormone androgen fires them up.

Too much androgen causes the hair follicles in our pours to clog up and burst creating the whiteheads and blackheads of acne. Androgen is naturally produced in our bodies but really gets working during puberty which is why teens suffer from acne the most. The bottom line is that an acne blemish is your skin being clogged from dirt and oil. You can wash away the dirt and oil but to really get at the subatomic cause to prevent a reoccurrence, you need something powerful like a laser.

How Laser Skin Treatments Work
Thanks to hundreds of great science fiction films, we have a pretty good idea of how lasers work. In the movies, a concentrated beam of light generates intense heat with the ability to cut through stone and steel. Now imagine dialing that laser power way down to a minute level. That's what will be working on your skin.

Lasers blast a tiny but intense light on targeted areas of the skin. The effect is that it instantly dries out damaged skin cells which are replaced with collagen that is produced by your body. Think of laser resurfacing as a high powered eraser. The result is a tightening of the skin and smoothing out of the surface. Lasers target the upper levels of the skin where the dead cells gather. When treating acne laser procedures can also minimize and permanently remove acne scars.

After Care of the Laser Procedure
Most acne laser skin resurfacing procedures are conducted right in the doctor's office in as little as an hour. Depending on your circumstances, you might be able to accomplish acne removal in one session or several. The cost depends on the area that is treated and how many visits are required. The typical range is between several hundred to several thousand dollars for the complete procedure.

After the operation, you might experience some redness and swelling. This could be especially true for larger areas being treated. In reality, this is probably no more severe than sunburn. Your skin tone and color will return to normal within a couple of weeks.